Running for Catholic Education

The week of January 27 to February 2 was National Catholic Schools Week 2013. Following is a testimony from Regnum Christi consecrated woman Monica Trevino, who reflected on the gift of Catholic education during a 5K Run in the Archdiocese of Houston, Texas.

Houston, Texas — We started early on February 2, 2012, standing in front of the Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart.  A total of almost 10,000 runners of all ages were gathered for the same purpose — running for Catholic education. Kids, young people, priests, principals of schools, students, teachers, parents and even grandparents.

The day was splendid, sunny but cool. Cardinal Daniel Di Nardo gave us a message of hope and his blessing to start the race. At 8.30 am, we began. Some ran all of the 5 kilometers, and others just walked. It was beautiful to see little children running while holding onto their dad’s hands, being guided and encouraged by them all the time: “You can do it”, “Keep going,” “We are almost there.”

As I was running, proudly representing Northwoods Catholic School (in Spring, Texas.) I was thinking of my youth, when I had the grace to attend a Regnum Christi school called CECVAC in Monterrey, Mexico. I remembered the impact in made on me — the solid Catholic teaching, the academics, sports, friendships, and it was also a lot of fun!

But above all, I remember this was where I learned to experience the personal love of Christ for me. I can still remember the religion classes I had when I was in first grade! Wow… the memories stay deep in my heart.  I will never forget them.

Another thing I remember is that during recess, there was always the possibility to receive Jesus in communion. At first I was more interested in going to the cafeteria for the delicious food.  But as soon as I realized Who I was receiving, and the gift of the Eucharist in my life, I would run to the chapel first and then go to the Cafeteria. (This was sometimes a big sacrifice for 13-year-old growing girl who was hungry all the time!)

As I ran, I realized how this one Catholic school had made such a big impact in my life, and I kept thinking how I wish more people could receive this gift!  We are so blessed with Northwoods Catholic School.  I pray that many young couples will discover the gift of Catholic education and give it to their children. The success of Catholic education depends on each one of us.  With conviction and commitment, we can all help build it up and bring it to others.

About Monica Trevino

Monica Treviño, was born in Monterrey, Mexico. She has two older sisters and two younger brothers, with a total of 15 nieces and nephews. She studied in a Legionary school and after high school became a Regnum Christi missionary for a year. She studied International Relations in the TEC University of Monterrey. After 2 years of College she received a very clear call from God to consecrate her life totally and exclusively to Him and did so the 15th of August of 1993. As a consecrated she was sent to Chile for 7 years where she worked with the youth and for the past 11 years she served as territorial director of the consecrated women in the United States. She now is based in Houston, to study for her masters in Theology, which demands a lot of time but she is willing to help in any way to spread Christ's message of love.
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  1. Sofia Estebanez says:

    Hola Monica ! Saludame a mi hermana y haber cuando organizamos un medio maraton que 5 km esta bastante chafa …. me acorde con tu nota como yo también corría a la comunión después de romper filas en el Alpes …. como pasa el tiempo. Un saludo muy grande y espero ir a visitarlas pronto a Houston.

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