Little House in a Big Storm: Life is how you look at it

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This morning, I sat down to write a paper. But I got sidetracked. A lot.

I’m from the backwoods of Idaho: so snow is not a new thing for me. Now, snow in February might be a little more interesting.

But a blizzard experience in New England? Now that’s something to write home about.

Some people would say it’s a curse: after all, when you have to run the snow-blower over the same sidewalk four or five times, it can get a little frustrating. The roads are slick. The power could go out. The cars are stuck in the driveway. Schools are wondering if Monday will bring students, and numerous plans, dates, meetings, and events have probably been forced to cancel.

Not to mention…man, is it cold.

So, in a lot of ways, this blizzard is pretty inconvenient.

But life is all how you look at it. And for all of us here at Mater Ecclesiae College, this blizzard comes with opportunities.

For example, sitting here in the warm comfort of our college library, with floor-to-ceiling windows on all sides, I have a pretty spectacular view of the whole phenomenon. Snow falling, shifting, swirling around recklessly…it’s beautiful outside. So beautiful, in fact, I planned to have a little “quiet reflection” moment, gazing out at the beautiful stillness of the winter scene…contemplating the grandeurs of God’s creation.

Until I glance out and see Isabel Jamicky run and fall face-first into a snowdrift, laughing out loud.

And, the reverie is broken.

However, the shovelers outside are a welcome distraction. It has to be Harriet and Vivian out there— with all the snow-wraps and winter scarves, I can only make out vague features and general laughter. But I have a pretty good intuition that it’s them. After all…who else would brave the four-foot drifts?

To make an understatement, our death-defying shovelers have been the entertainment of the house this morning. In my four years here, I’ve never seen anyone use the railing outside as a balance beam. But you throw a snow-shovel into the routine, and you actually have a pretty enthusiastic audience. Not to mention the finale: belly flops and flips into the snow! The impromptu antics were definitely a highlight for the few of us spectators watching from the windows. Shouting out our enthusiasm from windows on all three floors of our picturesque little old orphanage, I just had to appreciate the nostalgia that comes with a New England winter.

Even if it’s February.

But life is how you look at it. And the way I see it, we have:

Fifty women.

One house.

Two and a half feet of snow.

And endless possibilities.

Homemade snow cones. Hot chocolate over the portable fireplace. An increased attendance for our “crocheting corner”. A chance to see if snow can be tie-dyed. A moment to watch puppy Emma burrow into the drifts, and of course…the opportunity to construct one or more igloos for this afternoon’s cut-throat competition.

You could try your hand at ice-sculptures, reminisce about the big storms of your childhood, take pictures of the phenomenon for your Facebook, look up how snowflakes form on Google, dig out the old Bing Crosby CD for one last Christmas album hour, or make chicken noodle soup the way your mom did. You could embrace your inner child, make a snow-angel, write a real letter to send home to your family, light the scented candles in the living room, and generally embrace the comfort of being forced to stay at home for an entire day.

None of those things change the fact that we are going to keep this snow until May. But, it life gives you lemons…

Freeze them. You can put them in one of our new snow-smoothies.

And remember: life is all how you look at it.

About Jacquie Lustig

Jacquie Lustig is a consecrated woman of Regnum Christi. She is from Idaho, and is part of the Ohio team based in Cincinnati.
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One Response to Little House in a Big Storm: Life is how you look at it

  1. Megan says:

    Puppy Emma?!?!? You have a puppy???! When did this happen!?

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