Source and Summit

We call the Eucharist the Source and Summit of our Catholic faith. It is the source, the river of Life flowing from Christ's pierced side. This river is the fount of all the graces we could ever want to walk the path of the Way, the Truth and the Life. It is also the summit, the peak of communion with God. It is Heaven, toward which every effort and sacrifice is directed.

A source of fresh water, a pristine spring and the summit of a mountain are among the most beautiful sights on earth. They remind me of God and his Fatherly embrace. For our seminary vacation this summer, we spent the first couple weeks of July hiking the Appalachian Mountains of New Hampshire. We've seen many breath-taking springs and even more breath-taking summits in these past weeks. Read the rest of this entry »

Haiti Mission Update 6

Another fun-filled day at camp for us at St. Joseph’s school! We all agreed that today the girls were exceptionally well-behaved (for the most part…Diana and Bea had a rough time with the Red Team) and our transitions from station to station went very smoothly—thanks to Hannah and the girls she enlists to help ring the bell for us. One of the fun things that they do to keep together as a team is to scream out a team cheer while they move from station to station. So, it can seem a bit chaotic when Cris and Ashley’s group is yelling out “We are Yellow” and the Tommy and Grace’s team are echoing after them “Team Wose” (“Team Pink” in Creole) and some of the older girls from Nikka and Mary’s team are cheering “B—L—U—E!” with some hand motions, and Georgia and Adam’s Orange Team is just trying to walk and clap at the same time until Will and Toni’s team goes by and everyone joins their Creole cheer of “Sak Pa Se!” (which is roughly translated “Hey, what’s up?” Read the rest of this entry »

The Rules of Engagement, His Way

The disciples approached Jesus and said, “Why do you speak to the crowd in parables?” -- Mt: 13:10

For a good while, I have heard a little heart whisper, as if the good Lord is telling me that by giving me a small problem/misery, He is in reality solving a bigger problem, that He is healing a bigger misery.

He heals this way. He shows us the Father’s loving care by giving us challenges, so we will grow stronger in the spiritual life. We can think ourselves very virtuous, but, in my experience, acceptance of divine graces precedes growth in virtue. The graces needed for the formidable task of evangelizing the culture are continuously flowing from the Crucified One; indeed, He is waiting to live ever more deeply in our hearts and in the hearts of those we meet. Read the rest of this entry »

rest a while

Summertime is usually when we get to go away and rest for a little. We all need a break from our busy schedules. Even Christ takes a break with his disciples in today’s gospel. He wants to go away with his own to rest for a while, to be alone with them. I think this is what vacation should be, to spend time with your family and to be with God. True vacation has to be vacation for the soul too, and the soul needs energy and it can only get energy through prayer and silence. We need a vacation from the normal things; just a change in place and rhythm can be helpful in itself. It would be good to take a break from media, internet and phones. I think it is helpful to separate ourselves from these things every once and a while. Vacation should be a time when we can put things into perspective and readjust accordingly. This is why we need a break from everything and look on our life as an outsider. I think this summer can be a great opportunity to slow down and to spend some extra time with God so that we can let Him be the one who guides us, because He is the Good Shepherd.

Haiti Mission Update 5

What a wonderful Sunday we were able to live together here in Haiti today!

In the morning, a few missionaries rode with the Missionaries of Charity to camp while the others climbed once more into our faithful green jeep (affectionately dubbed “the Frog”) and we had our second full morning of summer camp. Read the rest of this entry »

Haiti Mission Update 4

Today we had quite a different experience; a day full of contrasts! Here are a few words that we used to describe our day from our moment of sharing tonight: Humbling, love, hope, grateful, surreal, full, stretched, hope, Heaven, yes, Catholic, universal, silence, dignity, moving, action, overwhelmed, overload, overdrive, light.

Our first experience was a long drive through the marketplace to the outskirts of Port-au-Prince, to a town called Carrefour, where the Missionaries of Charity have their Home for the Dying. Read the rest of this entry »

Haiti Mission Update 3

We were blessed today by one of the “coolest days” we have ever had on missions—which was very welcome in our foray into summer camp today!

Led by the van of the Missionaries of Charity, we drove through the streets of Port-au-Prince and its markets, too, to arrive to St. Joseph’s School, our home base for summer camp. We had a few minutes for morning prayer and leaving our supplies in our designated classroom, and then we were off to meet our teams or get our stations ready. Read the rest of this entry »

Haiti Mission Update 2

We were very happy to begin our mission by helping out at the Children’s Home today. Father Aaron mentioned to us that he has never had such a smooth first day of the mission as this one because we had the opportunity to “ease in” or “acclimatize” ourselves to our work here.

That being said, our work at the Children’s Home was not particularly “easy.” Read the rest of this entry »

Haiti Mission Update 1

You will all be happy to hear that your loved ones made it safe and sound to the guesthouse today (with only a few flight delays for a few people). Tommy O., Mary, JP and Br. Kramer arrived on the early bird flight and were able to help organize a bit of our room situation here as well as have some time at the Children’s Home. Read the rest of this entry »

Impossible Mission

The mission that God has invited us to do seems huge. He tells his disciples to go out in pairs to heal the sick without bringing anything. What God asks of us or what we are confronted with seems impossible. It can seem to not even make sense. However, Christ invites us into his salvific work through the daily joys and struggles. It is possible because He is with us. Christ wants us to put our life into his perspective, allowing our work bring us to Him. We can make it to heaven because he invites us. We can even help others because He has sent us. God has entered our life and has sent us to go to cure others by giving them the example with our life. We can help others encounter God, just by our example. This is what gives us confidence that it can be done. It must be done.

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