Mission Farewell

We have reached our last night, tomorrow we will celebrate Palm Sunday with the Missionaries of Charity before heading to the airport and back home to all of you! It seems impossible that the mission is already over. Today we had some wonderful experiences, some spent the day at the Children’s home, others went to bind the wounds and distribute medicine at St. Joseph’s school with the Missionaries of Charity, a few went to visit the orphanage where one of the families on the trip adopted a little boy from a few years ago. It was a blessed day, and a beautiful end to our trip.  Read the rest of this entry »

Mission Update


“Blessed are the Merciful, they will receive Mercy!”

The group spend our last day at the Home of the Dying. It was a beautiful day because we were all much more at home, spending time with those we befriended on our earlier visit. It was a day where things hit much deeper in the heart, many heard the stories of some of the patients we were serving, Father gave the sacrament of anointing to some who were in grave danger of death, we spent time with families visiting for the afternoon. It is hard to describe the mix of love, joy, suffering and shock that can all come together as you visit with new friends who’s challenges can be so much greater than you imagined. Read the rest of this entry »

Haiti Mission Update

Hello from Port-au-Prince! We had a beautiful day enjoying the natural beauty of this country and the little community we have become on this mission together. We went up the mountain overlooking the city! Spectacular view!

We also bought some souvenirs from local artists and vendors, bargaining was a new experience for some but we came home with some treasures.  Read the rest of this entry »

Little Boy…Big Movie

“I believe I can do this.”

That is the line boys and girls, moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas will be saying a month from now when they leave the theater after seeing “Little Boy.”

This is a magical movie about faith. I had the same feeling a few minutes into “Little Boy” that I had 25 years ago watching “Field of Dreams” for the first time. Then, I really didn’t think an Iowa farmer would hear voices, build a baseball field and have long-dead players show up to play. In fact, the entire premise of the story was ridiculous; but the world loved it. Read the rest of this entry »

Haiti Mission Update

“Blessed are those who mourn, they will be comforted” -- Mt.5:4

Tonight we all found it hard to put our experience into words. About half of the group got up early and went to 6:30am Mass with the Missionaries of Charity who serve in the children’s home. It is impressive to pray with these women who serve day in and day out the overwhelming needs of the poorest of the poor.

After breakfast the group went out to another center of the Missionaries of Charity where they serve adults and children with serious illnesses and provide care and a safe, dignified place for them to be until they recover or God calls them home. The drive to the center brought us through downtown Port-au-Prince, past the ruins of the Cathedral that fell in the earthquake in 2010 and through the daily life and neighborhoods of the people here. For many of us just the drive was overpowering. Read the rest of this entry »

La Crèche

800-meters from the birthplace of Jesus one special door is always open to the poor and destitute expectant mothers. Last week our pilgrimage group visited Holy Family Hospital run by the Order of Malta and the adjacent Crèche run by the Daughters of Charity.

Praise The Lord for the love the sisters and lay-staff provide for these orphans.

Today: ask Jesus how you can make a difference in the life of His little children.




Missions in Haiti and Mexico

Hello from Port-au-Prince! We had a wonderful day together at the Missionaries of Charity’s home for children. In the morning we all spent time with babies and toddlers who are there to be treated for malnutrition, after lunch we helped with the almost infinite amount of laundry that caring for 100 babies and small children produces and then the group divided and some went to serve at a clinic where the sisters clean an bind the wounds of those in need of care and others spent the afternoon with the children again.

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs” Mt. 5:3

Poverty here is visible. Easy to see, easy to describe, and exposed. But each of us has weaknesses and a certain hidden poverty within. Today we looked to find the blessing hidden in that, to be open to receiving life and all that we need as a gift. Read the rest of this entry »

Silent suffering

"Why should we defend ourselves when we are misunderstood and misjudged? Let us leave that aside. Let us not say anything. It is so sweet to let others judge us in any way they like. O blessed silence, which gives so much peace to the soul!" -- Saint Therese de Lisieux

Christ said nothing in front of Herod and his court. At times we certainly will need to defend ourselves and explain ourselves, but many other times, the only answer is humility and silent suffering out of love for Christ. People will misunderstand and misjudge us and our intentions, but our peace needs to come from living for Christ and an awareness that he knows the full truth.



Cancun Mission Trip -- Day 7

It’s hard to believe that just a week ago we were packing and re-packing (and perhaps re-packing again) our bags for this mission trip and now it’s almost over. It’s been a very full and fulfilling week for all of us and more than anything we are looking forward to seeing you all (and giving a few big hugs) tomorrow night. Read the rest of this entry »

Cancun Mission Update -- Feast of St Joseph

We had a wonderful day today working once more with the kids of the Don Bosco school. Although they all range in age and grade level, we have found them to be very eager to learn and this has brought out the best in us (teaching them with the language barrier and finding many ways around it!) as well as them as they take advantage of the things we have prepared for them.

Gil and Fatima (after the adventure of finding wood yesterday) were able to make a couple of bird houses with their group of boys, teaching them how to use some of the power tools that Gil brought along as well as making use of a few “improvised tools” so that they also learn how to make due when they don’t have everything they need. (This is also something we had learned earlier on the trip!) Ana was there to capture a few good moments on camera with the boys! Read the rest of this entry »

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