whatsappOur community WhatsApp chat is made of cork board. Like a digital WhatsApp chat, it keeps us up to date on practical news, like van organization to and from class and daily schedule changes, and it’s also a place to share prayer intentions, motivations, and notes of gratitude. Yes, we really do call it our WhatsApp chat. (In Greenville we had a paper Facebook wall…)

This morning I found this message there:

It says: “Jesus at our age surely went to the sinagogue to learn the Torah… He who was Wisdom! Let us unite ourselves to him, to his hidden life, and love him a lot. Happy return to classes!”

I snapped a picture because this is a perfect example of the atmosphere we are surrounded by in the studies stage community. Don’t get me wrong, we have daily conversations about impossible classes, disappointing exam results, and my-brain-is-going-to-explode moments… especially going back to classes after Christmas break when semester exams are on the very near horizon. But at the end of the day, the attitude behind this little piece of paper is what comes through, and we all share the same motivation that keeps us going to and from San Dámaso every morning.

As one of my consecrated sisters put it the other day, we all know that million-dollar question of whether this degree in theology is the adequate degree for the formation of the Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi… And it’s a valid question that needs to be evaluated over time (along with the other reflections and renewals of the past several years)… But what touches my life every day is getting into the van at 8:25 a.m. and spending 4 or 5 hours of my day in class. And what makes that worth the while is not those 5 hours of class or passing exams in February and June. It’s what’s in this little post-it note on our WhatsApp board- living this moment of my life inside the Sacred Heart of my Spouse.

About Carol Dodd

Carol Dodd is a Consecrated Woman of Regnum Christi in her studies stage of formation. She is from Dallas, Texas, where she attended The Highlands, the Regnum Christi school there, for 11 years. After graduating, she was a Regnum Christi missionary in Chicago for one year. She made her first vows on March 14, 2015 after two years of candidacy at the formation center in Rhode Island. After three years at Mater Ecclesiae College, she is now part of the new studies stage community in Madrid, where she is studying Theology at the Universidad Eclesiástica San Dámaso.
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