Can a Christmas carol offend the Immaculata?






The first time I heard the popular new carol “Mary, did you know?” sung by Cee Lo Green, I was struck by a sense of reverence at the depth of the mystery the song lays out. It became part of my Advent/Christmas playlist.   CeeLo Green – “Mary Did You Know” [Official Audio]

Recently a friend opined that they found the song offensive to Mary, since she, immaculately conceived and a well-versed daughter of Israel would of course have known all of these things… How rude to assume her ignorance….








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I reflected on that for a while, doing a little examination of conscience to see if I had been trivializing my blessed mother in some way, or negating some element of doctrine or dogma by enjoying this song.…

Instead what struck me was the way the song reveres the mysteries of faith with childlike wonder and discovery…  It’s like having my little child come up to me and ask, Mom, do you know how the mountains were created?  Do you know that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west?  Do you know the stars move in the sky? Did you know what the saints did?  Do you know how strong Dad is?  Do you know how smart my sister is?  Mom, did you know…?

Or what if a friend or acquaintance came up to you and started asking you if you knew how great your child was, and the amazing thigs he did…?  How could you be offended? Your heart would swell with love!

Would the Theotokos be offended by the fact that someone may not yet know the depth of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception, or was discovering the merits of her son with joy?… I can’t imagine it.  I CAN imagine her holding a child who was singing this song to her, and smiling lovingly, knowingly, as they explore the meaning of her Maternity.

Don’t feel guilty about enjoying this song. Christmas is the perfect time to gaze in awe and sing about Mary’s son.  Listen to it and ponder in your heart the mysteries it speaks about, knowing Mary is smiling at your childlike wonder. Even if she did know.

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