Prayers of pure purpose

prayersI am confirming a rumor you likely have heard for many years.  You won’t be disappointed.

Young men studying at the Legion’s seminaries, discerning a call to the priesthood, spend a good deal of time in prayer.  If a man is considering the priesthood, he better learn how to converse with God.

Seminarians use many types of prayer.  Sometimes they write prayers.  A few of the men at Cheshire have been composing prayers for vocations:

Christ our King, call many young men to the Legion to follow You in this battalion that you have formed after your own Heart. For without priests who seek to represent You and bring You to the earth, how will Your burning love reach all souls and how will your Kingdom be established?  Lord, grant us therefore true men, men ready to fight, men who are strong in You, men who will serve You, men who will be ablaze with Your love, and  men who will die by giving everything for You. Lord, kindly hear us and grant us our request which we ask of You through the intercession of Mary, the Mother of the Legion and of Vocations.


Br Luke Brezinsky nLC

Lord Jesus, we beg you: grant us vocations!  In a world that doesn’t know you, which worries about many things, raise up holy priests and religious convinced that there is only one thing necessary.  Send us saints: men and women whose only anxiety is that they’re holding love back, whose only preference is your will in their lives, and whose only ambition is, by your grace, to bring many souls with them to Heaven.  Amen

Br. Riley Connors nLC


Lord Jesus, we know we are not worthy of any of the graces You have so mercifully bestowed upon us. However, if we may be so daring, we ask for one more grace: for young men to hear Your voice, to answer Your call which draws all men to You. Grant us those men who are eager to build Your Kingdom in the hearts of all people, to sacrifice everything for Your sake, so You may reign as King of Love and Shepherd of Souls. Grant them the grace of perseverance, humility and obedience toward Your Divine Call. We ask this not for ourselves, Lord, but for the sake of the Kingdom. Lord Jesus, grant us priests after Your Sacred Heart! Amen.

Br. Brian Flanagan nLC

These are beautiful prayers and I intend to use them.  It seems appropriate in the wake of the ordination of 36 new Legionary priests.

Prayers alone can’t guarantee future vocations to the priesthood.  But they can’t hurt.

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