At long last…

We made our first trip to San Damaso!

As we drove along the highway, the one sitting next to me commented on how pretty soon, we will know this road very well. It was strange to think that we were actually on our way to the famous San Damaso… that we had talked about and imagined and wondered about all this past semester. Once we arrived, it was very surreal for me to see the logo that I had seen so many times on the website, documents, and papers, that seemed like an obscure little college so far away on the other side of an ocean…now on the wall of the building that I was walking into. Quite honestly, we didn´t really see much of the campus and there weren´t many people, since it´s still the middle of summer break here. But between the thick Spanish accents in the secretary´s office, I couldn´t help but hear my own thoughts telling me how crazy it was that I was actually enrolling at an ecclesiastical university in Spain to study theology. One of those crazy things that I laugh with Our Lord about, and try to hold on and enjoy the ride.



About Carol Dodd

Carol Dodd is a Consecrated Woman of Regnum Christi in her studies stage of formation. She is from Dallas, Texas, where she attended The Highlands, the Regnum Christi school there, for 11 years. After graduating, she was a Regnum Christi missionary in Chicago for one year. She made her first vows on March 14, 2015 after two years of candidacy at the formation center in Rhode Island. After three years at Mater Ecclesiae College, she is now part of the new studies stage community in Madrid, where she is studying Theology at the Universidad Eclesiástica San Dámaso.
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