The unknown God

In Athens at the beginning of the Christian era, there was an inscription on an altar that read: “To an Unknown God.” Twenty centuries later, perhaps we no longer find those words written under any altar or image, but maybe that’s the inscription engraved “secretly” in our society. But I wonder; is it an unknown God or a God we do not want to know? A God we do not want to accept? A God we do not want to recognize? Because if we open our eyes, we see God´s footprints in everything: in a beautiful sunrise, in a red sunset, in a cool breeze that gently caresses the fields, in a rainbow that paints the sky of multiple colors, in the green meadows, in an afternoon of fresh rain, in the vast blue sea and its crystalline waters, in the vast and splendid mountains that leave you breathless; if we open our hearts, we can see God in the miracle of the life of a newborn, in the smile of a child, in the wrinkled face of an old man that tells us of wisdom, in the lifetime of fulfillment and hope of two lovers, in the fidelity of marriage, in the closeness of a friend, in a selfless life …

As we can see, God is no stranger. But He is so humble that he does not impose His presence among us. We are the ones who have to open our eyes and hearts and discover God in our lives, day by day. Do not be afraid to recognize and write upon your heart: “The God I know, acknowledge, and love.”



About Paola Trevino

Paola Trevino is a Consecrated women of Regnum Christi. She has direct and serve in many national and international missions. For the past two years she has focus her mission work in Haiti and Cancun, MX in the Mayan villages. At present she serves as the National Director of Missions Youth a Catholic based mission program that offers national and international missions for teens and young adults.
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