Touching Jesus

“Who Touched Me?” Jesus asked. Every day we go through our daily lives coming in physical contact with dozens of people. Most are just strangers taking up space we must maneuver through or around to get to where we are going or complete the task we have on our mind at the moment. Only one person in that crowd we read about in the Gospel reached out with intentionality to touch Jesus. Everyone else was focused on the next destination, the home of Jarius. Only one simple woman dared to personally encounter our Lord on the journey.

It made me ponder how often does our Lord walk among us and we are so fixed on our destination we fail to see He is there with us or in the disguise of another? How much our lives would be changed if we just opened the eyes of our hearts to see Him and had the courage to reach out with intention. We have been so scandalized by the abuse of the human person we are afraid our actions will be misjudged.

I pondered further, how often do I, as a living sanctuary of our Lord, allow myself to be touched by others, by those who recognize Christ in me? How often am I even cognizant of my brother’s need to be touched and the gift I carry that could change his life forever?

“Who touched me?” “I did.”



About Donna Garrett

Donna Garret -- Married 25 years, mother of 4, Registered Nurse, graduate of the Denver Biblical School and a longtime member of the Regnum Christi Family. Currently serving the Heartland as LCA, a member of the Regnum Christi Territorial Council and teaching Scripture Studies at St Stephen the Martyr Parish in Omaha.
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