Sunday report from Haiti

The newest addition to the Mission Youth uniform: aprons

We are all safe in Haiti and began our first full mission day in earnest. We picked up our last missionary, Grant, from the airport and went to the children’s home run by the Missionaries of Charity.

Within minutes we already had a powerful experience. One of the missionaries became the God-mother of a sick boy named Joseph. Fr Michael baptized the baby soon after arrival. Hopefully little Joseph will be doing okay as he seemed to brighten up in the afternoon. His new Godmother is certainly keeping her eye on him! She wasn’t even 24 hours in Haiti before that sudden event happened, so it was a beautiful gift and a shock all in one.

Later that afternoon Connor became a Godfather after Fr Edward Bentley baptized a very sick little boy named Nicholson. Nicholson is not doing very well at all so keep him in your prayers.

Later, there was an Eucharistic adoration in the open air chapel of the sisters. After the adoration the little orphans surrounded and accompanied Fr Michael as he reposed the blessed sacrament. Jesus must have been very happy to be accompanied by these innocent little souls!



About Fr Michael Mitchell LC

Fr Michael Mitchell was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, the second of 10 children. Presently, he works as a vocational director and youth minister in Chicago, Illinois.
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