Faith and Truth

“Faith is knowing the truth and adhering to it; charity is “walking” in the truth”. What truth? The truth our faith tells us: that God is love and He has love me first; That I need to pardon my brother 70 times 7; That there’s more joy in giving than receiving; That Christ will be with me always; That the gates of hell will not prevail; That the truth will set me free.

Walk in that truth, that is, put our faith in ACTION:

  • · 5 minutes of silence to place myself before my creator and give Him thanks for His love.
  • · Call or write to that one person that I need to ask forgiveness and pardon from the heart.

About Paola Trevino

Paola Trevino is a Consecrated women of Regnum Christi. She has direct and serve in many national and international missions. For the past two years she has focus her mission work in Haiti and Cancun, MX in the Mayan villages. At present she serves as the National Director of Missions Youth a Catholic based mission program that offers national and international missions for teens and young adults.
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