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Mirianna Sternhagen has been a consecrated woman of Regnum Christi since 2010. She is in her fourth years of studies at Mater Ecclesiae College. She was born in Portland, Oregon, and grew up in several states on the beautiful west coast: Oregon, Washington, California and Montana -- as well as in Michigan, where her family now lives.

The Unrequited Lover

I have always been a slow reader. With apprehension, I opened to the first pages of that formidable brick, Les Miserables a year ago. Yesterday I turned the last page, but that book sure was worth the long haul! Sitting … Continue reading

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Prayer, a glance towards… my watch?

St. Teresa of Avila described prayer as “a glance towards heaven.” I think for much of my consecrated life I have lived my prayer more as a glance–or frequent glances–at my watch. “Did I make it on time? How much … Continue reading

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What “Gift” Really Means

I was balanced somewhat uncomfortably between the driver and passenger, in a little pickup-truck bouncing over the rough back roads of the Mexican town Aculco. This was just one more day of Holy Week missions and we were on our … Continue reading

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Bahama Sunshine

Taniele Tucker grew up in the Bahamas. The island’s economic mainstay is tourism, the climate is warm and tropical, and the scenery beautiful. Almost every Sunday Taniele enjoyed picnics on the beach with her tight-knit family, including aunts, uncles and … Continue reading

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