World Youth Day 4 — family

familyWorld Youth Day 2016 grows bigger and bigger each day. And the Regnum Christi presence is getting larger.

We began this day with Mass with representatives of the whole RC family. There were Legionary priests and brothers, consecrated men and women, and laity.

Today also was the most intense training I had. We were practicing from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm. We had a break for lunch and I had the opportunity to eat the real Polish pierogi for the first time. This is a kind of dumpling made of potato. By the way, for the meals, volunteers and pilgrims receive vouchers. We need to find restaurants that accept those vouchers and have a special WYD menu. Sometimes we have some surprises, like the restaurant who would not give us anything to drink. But in general the food is pretty decent.

We have an excellent team of translators and little by little we are forming a family. There are translators from all cultures, states of life, ages. They are priests, nuns, moms, grandmas, college students, seminarians, teachers. But we are all united in the same faith. Our meetings are hilarious, but always enriching.

We can´t wait to receive Pope Francis and help him to communicate his message of Mercy to our youth!


About Br Antônio Lemos LC

Br Antônio Lemos is from Curitiba, Brazil. He joined the Legion of Christ in 2006 after a couple of years as a Regnum Christi member. He is a big fan of the Brazilian national soccer team, 1980´s pop culture (specially movies), and St Thomas Aquinas. He is currently studying Theology in Rome.
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