Aftermiracles listening to these two stories of how two people were risen from the dead by Elijah and Christ, we can ask ourselves, “Why doesn’t this happen anymore?” “Why don’t we get to see miracles?” “If only we could see a miracle, we would believe.” Faith is tough. But I think that miracles continue to happen daily around us, but we aren’t able to see them because we lack faith. God is present; even if it is night, the sun is still there. Even if we don’t get the chance to see the miracle we expect, God works miracles every day in sometimes the simplest things. Rather than wait for God to manifest himself in the way we expect, we should ask for faith to be able to recognize Him in the way He is already manifesting Himself.

About Fr Andrew Gronotte LC

Fr Andrew Gronotte, born and raised in northern Kentucky entered the Legionary apostolic school in eighth grade in 1998, where he began his formation for the priesthood in the Legion. Currently he is finishing his theological studies in Rome, where he will be ordained in a little more than a year.
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