I wanna be like Mike

workWhen a guy from Chicago (like yours truly) says he wants to be like Mike, most people assume he means Michael Jordan.

And when I see videos of that flying, full turn, slam dunk, I sure would like to be like that Mike.  Unfortunately, being short, slow and relatively ancient, that isn’t going to happen.

But if I work hard and pray a lot, maybe I can be like my friend Mike Williams.

Mike has been a Regnum Christi member for nearly 40 years.  He serves on the North American Territorial Council and is a delegate to the international convention.  I’ve been bless to know and work with for him 20 years.

My kind of Mike

I was reminded of what a great role model Mike is this morning at the convention when he was one of the first speakers, giving a reflection on the attitude of reflection the delegates need to make this historic event successful.  Basically, Mike gave an elegant talk about how to listen, respect others and work as a group rather than a room of individuals.

The necessary qualities for group discernment are simple, if not easy:  faith, humility, a spirit of communion and a willingness to detach from one’s own opinions and interests.  This isn’t about getting your own way.

Listen well by showing respect for each person.  Be open to the communicating styles of others, realizing that content can be expressed in many ways.  The intent is the key.

Most of all, remember that it is more important to love than to win your points, to be right.

Mike offered some wonderful advice.  But what is more, I know that he will live the advice he offers.  I’ve been watching him to it for many years.  He’s the Mike a wanna be like.

About Jim Fair

Jim Fair is a writer and consultant. He lives in the Chicago area and has a wonderful wife, son and daughter. He enjoys fishing and occasionally catches something. He tries to play the piano and sings a little. In addition to writing for Regnum Christi Live, he blogs at Laughing Catholic. And you can follow him on Twitter: Jim Fair (@fishfair).
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