Messe_mit_Wandlungskerze_BeuronWe just finished our second “open Mass” of the year here at Cerro Del Coto. It’s beautiful to have the RC family come to our house once a month to celebrate Who and what unites us, especially during this period of formation! They are moments to recall concretely that we exist to make visible His Kingdom as we journey toward the fullness of the Kingdom. Which made me think again (though it’s never too far from my mind lately) about the reasons why I am here in Madrid this year; and more specifically about why I walk 20 minutes down Calle Mayor  in the sun, rain, cold or heat to go to an intensive Spanish class every day.

I go so I can be available.

It’s kinda weird to be in a country and not speak the language.  But it’s downright awkward to be an extrovert in a group of happy, conversing “family members” after Mass and not fully understand what they are asking, let alone try to respond. And the worst is not having a friend nearby to translate because then people typically walk away.  Yet, in these moments that I am directly conscious of my purpose, my identity. My life has been given to Him, to be available for His use: Available to speak His words and for Him to send me where He needs me, for Him to make known His love for each individual person.  Like the widow´s of Zarepeth and the Temple Treasury, I offer Him my “2 cents”, my handful of flour and little oil and know that He sees  I am giving all I have right now for the extension of His Kingdom.

And, poco a poco (little by little- which seems to be the phrase of my life right now), I learn. I learn to speak different languages so the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven can be announced, but more so that the Kingdom can be experienced.  I’m convinced that the capacity to speak to someone in their language is a sign of His interest in each of us; the interest and desire He expressed so perfectly in the Incarnation, Passion, Death and Resurrection.

This availability goes so much further than language. I learn to empathize better, open my heart to make room for people whose systems and values are different from mine-a task that isn’t so easy. His Kingdom extends through the entire world, beyond the borders of language, culture, custom and perspective that I am used to. Why? Because HE emptied Himself out into our world for us, taking on flesh so we all can know and receive His life.  It’s so beautiful. What a gift and privilege to adapt to other people so to be a living sign of His love in the world. Jesus, you can establish your Kingdom in me….

About Victoria O'Donnell

Victoria is from Cincinnati, OH and studied for a BS in psychology at Northern Kentucky University for three years when she discovered that God was calling her to discern consecrated life in Regnum Christi. She is currently studying at Universidad Eclesiástica San Dámaso. Her favorite catholic bloggers are Simcha Fisher, Fr. Robert Barron and anyone on RC live.
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