A life for a life?

babyArmy Sgt. Dennis Weichel, 29, died in Afghanistan in March.  He lifted a little girl out of the way of a huge military truck and was, himself, crushed.

Pfc. Ross A. McGinnis died in Iraq in 2006, when he jumped on grenade to save his fellow soldiers.

Cheryl Anderson, an English mom, died shortly after the birth of her daughter in August.  She had been diagnosed with cancer during her pregnancy, but refused the treatment because it would have harmed the baby.  The baby girl is named Taylor.

Gloria Steinem appeared on PBS this week to talk about her new book, My Life on the Road.  She revealed that a life had been sacrificed to allow her to live her life as she wished:

“It gave me my life,” she insisted of the abortion…I wouldn’t have been able to live my life otherwise.”

The “it” was an abortion.  I presume that the baby that lost its life didn’t choose to do so.  It didn’t give its life out of loving sacrifice as did Sgt. Weichel, Pfc McGinnis and Cheryl Anderson.

Nobody ever died personally for me and I hope nobody ever will.  However…my parents, my wife, my children and my friends all have made sacrifices for me.  Men and women in the armed forces, police officers and fire fighters have died in the line of duty so I have been able to live my life.

Giving one’s life for another in the line of duty isn’t just a movie scene – it happens in real life and involves real, noble human beings.

Gloria Steinem’s baby was a real human being that didn’t get to live its life according to its potential – or God’s plan.  It seems Ms. Steinem is pleased with the life she had led, that she believes it has been productive and important.

Perhaps her baby would have had a productive, important life.  Perhaps it would have grown up and found a cure to cancer or won a bucket of Olympic medals.  Perhaps it would have been an average, everyday, boring, faceless worker in a factory.

But that baby had a soul and a right to life.  It deserved the right to choose.

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