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gronotteIt is essential to carry our cross if we are to be a follower of Christ, as He tells us in the gospel. He tells us this to show us that we can’t turn away when it gets hard. Everything doesn’t have to be a cross but because Christ suffered He shows us that in our own lies a secret that we alone can share with Him. So it isn’t about praising the cross for the sake of suffering, but rather as an instrument. In the Gospel today Christ confirms the disciples’ faith, then reveals to them that even He as the Son of God will have to suffer, and promises the cross for his followers.  It is through the cross that we can show Him that we believe in Him and love Him. Christ didn’t come to free us from suffering but to show us the great value of it. What is most important is to keep our eyes fixed on Him. That is why Christ first confirms his disciples in their faith. He wants to remind them that He is the one they are following. It can be hard and there can be joys, but we can never abandon Him. He is who gives reason to the crosses we have to face.  The cross is the best instrument to confirm our love for Him.

About Fr Andrew Gronotte LC

Fr Andrew Gronotte, born and raised in northern Kentucky entered the Legionary apostolic school in eighth grade in 1998, where he began his formation for the priesthood in the Legion. Currently he is finishing his theological studies in Rome, where he will be ordained in a little more than a year.
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