Haiti Mission Update 5

What a wonderful Sunday we were able to live together here in Haiti today!

In the morning, a few missionaries rode with the Missionaries of Charity to camp while the others climbed once more into our faithful green jeep (affectionately dubbed “the Frog”) and we had our second full morning of summer camp.

Since yesterday was such a full day, we think that it had consequences for a few of us. Once we got there, two missionaries had to step out while a few others had to take a few more breaks so as not to overextend themselves. It definitely felt hotter today. And since we were more organized, we had more time in each station with the girls!

The girls loved getting their nails done in the arts and crafts station. And JP stepped up to the plate running the prayer station solo. Adam told us that as he tried to “reach down” to the same level as the girls, not only did he connect more with each one of them, they also decided he was worthy to be chosen as the “goose” nearly every single time in the games’ station’s “Duck, Duck, Goose.”

We took it a bit easy in the afternoon, having a longer free time for napping and/or hanging out by the pool. At 4:30 we left for our next adventure which brought us up the mountain. This was a very enjoyable experience as is showed us one more side to this beautiful country. And God blessed us with a very clear day and we were able to look out upon a good portion of Port-au-Prince.

Father Aaron celebrated a beautiful, moving Mass for us in a secluded spot and we all prayed for Haiti in a similar way in which we prayed for individual Haitians at the Home for the Dying yesterday.

We ended the evening with a big dinner, sharing and more free time (so we can all have the energy we need for the summer camp tomorrow).

Thank you for your continued prayers!



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Jana Crea, a consecrated woman of Regnum Christi, is from Nezperce, Idaho. She has been consecrated for 11 years, and is based at Mater Ecclesiae College, Greenville, RI.
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