Haiti Mission Youth Update

Hello from Port-au-Prince! We had a beautiful day enjoying the natural beauty of this country and the little community we have become on this mission together. We went up the mountain overlooking the city! Spectacular view!

We also bought some souvenirs from local artists and vendors, bargaining was a new experience for some but we came home with some treasures. 

In the evening we reflected together on 1 Corinthians 13. Father led us in a song that draws out the passage in music:

“So let my life be the proof,

The proof of your love

Let my love look like You and what You’re made of

How You lived, how You died

Love is sacrifice

So let my life be the proof,

The proof of Your love” – “Proof Of Your Love”  — by Crave

Here are some of the thoughts of the missionaries tonight:

  • So many gifts in this room, but they only a purpose if we use them and live with love.
  • Love is the currency that matters, immensely simple, immensely challenging.
  • Love encompasses all the areas of our life, and when you do it with love it just means so much more
  • We have a great potential to love and we hardly ever use is, and we are challenged to live it they way Jesus did.
  • It gave me a new perspective on my priorities and the stress I feel about what might happen with college.
  • The tangible let me know I love far more people than I realized. I touched it and I loved them.
  • Love has to be the motor behind all we are doing this mission. Love is everything.
  • If we do not do this out of love, eventually we will run out of gas, there are so many other reasons but if we really love these people and glorify God than we will live this way no matter where we are.



About Katelyn Moroney

Katelyn Moroney is from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She was consecrated in the summer of 2002 and studied at Mater Ecclesiae College for the following four years. During her studies at Mater Ecclesiae she worked in the New York and New Jersey areas as well as venturing as far as Australia and New Zealand for her apostolic work. In 2006 she was assigned to work in Dallas, Texas with girls in programs like Challenge. Joining the Chicago team in the fall of 2009, Katelyn began working with high school and university students. She currently directs Mission Youth Missions.
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