Bowed But Not Broken

I met our Lord this morning in our regular meeting place for prayer. As I gazed outside my thoughts turned to the resiliency of the human spirit. Sometimes the responsibilities we carry, coupled with the sufferings we are called to endure, place such a load upon our shoulders we fear we might break. The branches of a tree will bow under the weight of a heavy snow, sometimes to the point of touching the ground, but they rarely break. Only those limbs that are dry and brittle give up the fight and snap. The strength of that tree is fed and supported from its roots deep beneath the earth. Roots we cannot see without closer inspection. So too, the strength of the human spirit, through introspection must reveal a soul nurtured and fortified by the roots of a faith life anchored in our Lord Jesus Christ. The weight of our life’s journey is not meant to be carried alone. With Jesus as our source of strength, we may bend, but we will not break.

About Donna Garrett

Donna Garret -- Married 25 years, mother of 4, Registered Nurse, graduate of the Denver Biblical School and a longtime member of the Regnum Christi Family. Currently serving the Heartland as LCA, a member of the Regnum Christi Territorial Council and teaching Scripture Studies at St Stephen the Martyr Parish in Omaha.
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