Breath Inside

“Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid. Be brave! God is with you!” – St. John Paul II –

I read this quote once in an email a few years ago and it had a profound impact on me. Alone we can feel very small and weak. Sometimes our weakness and limitations can seem very great to us and discourage from striving, in hope, for all the good things God wants to give us and work through us. When we feel this way it’s because our focus is on the wrong thing. It’s not on God but rather on us. We are focusing on the fragile clay vessel and not on the treasure within it. God is with us. If we living in God’s grace and friendship, the Blessed Trinity, in all its majesty, is housed within us! This is the Truth! When we shift our gaze onto God being with us, we focus on all that He is able to do in us and not all that we are not able to do because of our limitations. In difficulty and faced with the challenges of life hear the words of God in this song. I’ll be the breath inside you… I’ll come alive inside you. God is with you. Do not be afraid. He will help you. He can do anything!




About Br John Klein LC

Br John is a young seminarian in the Legion of Christ currently living and working in Atlanta GA with a youth missionary program called the Regnum Christi Mission Corps. Him and his team of young missionaries spend most of their time doing retreat for middle and high school students in the Atlanta area. Br John studied music in college and loves to play and write music of all kinds for his retreat and youth activities.
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