The joy of apostolic life

I have to think that every boy who wants to attend an apostolic school — what some call a minor seminary — fields a few “why” questions.  One of this spring’s gradating seniors at Sacred Heart Academy, the Legion’s school in Indiana, has answers to those questions.  Here are some thoughts from Maximilian Nguyen…

Maximilian Nguyen

One morning as we were having breakfast here at Sacred Heart, a boy from a group that was visiting asked us, “What is it that makes it so that you guys always have a smile on your face?” I gave him a simple answer that I hope was able to satisfy his curiosity, but later on I began to think more deeply about the reason for the joy that I, as a precandidate, share in common with the apostolics (boys grades 7-9) and the other precandidates (boys grades 10-12).

I’m a senior at Sacred Heart Apostolic School, and, having entered Sacred Heart in Grade Seven, have experienced firsthand the formation and excitement of living here as an apostolic and then a precandidate. I am extremely grateful for the human, intellectual, spiritual and apostolic formation that I have received here, from the studies and moments to grow in the spiritual life, to the details of self-control, silence, and initiative encouraged by the assistants here. I have had many amazing opportunities and adventures at Sacred Heart, such as a pilgrimage to Rome, missions in Mexico, visits to the seminary in Cheshire, and skiing; all with the young men who have become my brothers here, sharing the same aspirations and values that I have.

All of this has been a tremendous blessing, but I did not find in any of these the real reason for the joy that I have. After some thought, I realized that the reason for our happiness is from following the path that God has planned for us in our simple consecration to Him. I say “simple consecration” because we haven’t decisively taken up the religious vocation yet; it isn’t definitive. We have only responded to the vocation question in the present moment; not “What does God want for me in life?”, but “What does God want for me right now?” Of course we are always trying to see God’s plan for our future, but this question is simpler to answer and simpler to act upon in a step-by-step fashion. It is knowing that I am doing what God wants in the present moment that gives me the joy and peace of heart that I have.

The Apostolic School gives us the opportunity to have this joy and peace, and discover what God wants from us in His time. I am also very grateful to my parents for having so much faith in God and allowing the Holy Spirit to lead me even as a twelve-year-old. No matter where God leads me on the next step along my journey, I know that Sacred Heart has given me a formation that has prepared me for whatever He asks.


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