Come Out, A Song for Adoring Christ

I was put in charge of organizing the music for a night of adoration at the St Brendan’s youth group in Atlanta. After paging through a few song choices for exposition none of them felt like it fit quite right so I decided to take a crack at writing my own. I wanted a gentle song, a song of loving desire which called out for Christ. Isn’t it true that when one is truly in love with another they desire constantly and eagerly to be with their beloved? Haven’t young lovers at time in history stood outside their beloved’s window, even in late hours, calling out to them in song, poetry, or gentle whispers hoping to catch even a glimpse of them through the night? Shouldn’t we have the same sentiments of love for Christ in adoration? Should not our souls stand and call out to the Divine Beauty desiring for Him to come out of the Tabernacle? Here is the late night exposition song I wrote to for Jesus that night.




About Br John Klein LC

Br John is a young seminarian in the Legion of Christ currently living and working in Atlanta GA with a youth missionary program called the Regnum Christi Mission Corps. Him and his team of young missionaries spend most of their time doing retreat for middle and high school students in the Atlanta area. Br John studied music in college and loves to play and write music of all kinds for his retreat and youth activities.
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