I had a privileged perspective. From my vantage point in the corner two very different sceneries flashed before my eyes. Through the window, to my left, was the austere beauty of an early spring day. The grayish and blue hued sky arched above the fresh green grass with trees not yet in bloom. In its solemn setting, it bid new hope of a future soon to come and at the same time now present.

As my gaze shifted, the second scenery appeared, something that my eyes had never seen before. It was a banquet hall displaying a true festival of praise being lifted up to the Lord. The whole family was present and each member shined forth as those who have weathered a storm and come out the better from it. They were no longer bogged down by the many frightful moments, the tempests or the wounds that half healed at times still sting. They were happy not so much for what they had done, of victories or successes. The radiance came from the joy of just being alive, of the gift of God’s merciful love.







Which scenery is more beautiful in your eyes?

For me, nothing matches the gift of family. The spectacular sight of the whole family present is one of the greatest marvels of God’s creation. The many “colors” in a family photo are not in conflict with each other but maintaining their own distinctive hue enrich the picture.

Regnum Christi is like television, it is no longer black and white but is now becoming full color! The “black and white” suit of the legionary has not disappeared but rather has been complimented by the richness and brilliance of the colors of the other branches of the Movement that compliment it and allow it to be what it should be. At one point in time “black and white” television was thought to be impossible. At first, as it appeared, it fascinated as a break through. Even still, something was missing. As the great transformation took place black and white was still present, yet it was radically different. Black and white became vivified by the richness of the colors forming a picture in high definition.

The Regnum Christi family has taken on new beauty in the autonomy of each of the branches of the Movement. The splendor of harmony in the richness of color is now called to shine forth in our lives and apostolates. It is spring and the whole world of the Movement is being refreshed with new beginnings! Happy Easter!



About Fr Aaron Smith LC

Fr. Aaron was born in Forest Lake, Minnesota. He entered the Legionary of Christ minor seminary in Cheshire, Connecticut in 1995. The following year, he entered the novitiate and was sent to Germany where he lived for two years. Afterwards, he studied humanities in Salamanca Spain for a year. He did youth work for five years in Chile. He received a license in Philosophy specializing in Metaphysics and a license in Theology specializing in Anthropological (Dogmatic) Theology at the Legionary of Christ’s Pontifical Athaneum Regina Apostolorum in Rome. During his studies he did youth work in Florence, Italy and helped with the foundation of the community there until August 2012. He was ordained a priest on December 24, 2010. He currently serves as head of the Everest board of directors, is Regnum Christi local director, and the Regnum Christi greater Detroit area chaplain. In February he will be moving to Rome to be the assistant communications director for the Regnum Christi Movement.
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