A Meditation from the Holy Land

In March of this year, Regnum Christi consecrated woman Deb Bauer was blessed to make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land with other members of the Regnum Christi family and staff. Following is another of her prayer meditations from the Holy Land. Next, she will share her reflections day by day.

“For you are my treasured possession” (Ex 19:5).

Lord, as I traverse around Judea and Galilee, I’m reminded of these tender words.

You lived, and walked, and had Your being here in this small, but rich country, with a leadership and class system that was obstinate to Your message. Yet, you came to redeem the lost. The reaction and rejection of men did not stop Your work; You loved and pressed on.

Isn’t evangelization in our world today in the same environment? Our world is minute compared to the Kingdom to come. We seem insignificant to the powers that control our economy, media, and politics. Yet, our Church has a voice and a man from a far-off country named Francis who is proving his “Galilean heritage”: he serves to be an instrument of Your truths – to reach out to the lost and to be a compass for the faithful.


About Deb Bauer

Deb Bauer is a former President of Mater Ecclesiae College in Greenville, Rhode Island. She has a doctorate in education, and an unapologetic devotion to the Green Bay Packers. Hailing from Durand, Wisconsin, Deb has been a consecrated woman for 15 years and currently works in Atlanta.
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