Ten Attitudes

In his previous article, Fr. William Serra LC reflected on the need and benefits of opening up our wounds to Christ in prayer. (http://live.regnumchristi.org/2013/11/letting-christ-heal-my-wounds-in-prayer/.) This article reflects on ten attitudes that help us open our wounds in prayer to the Divine Physician, who reaches out to heal us, showing us how to experience Mercy in the midst of our misery.

1. Openness of Heart: come to prayer with an open heart, a spirit free of self-concern, and a willingness to lay bare one´s wounds. Openness unburdens the soul and raises it into God´s loving presence, entering into the very heart of Mercy.

2. Gratitude: begin by thanking the Divine Physician. Thank Him for everything, both for what He gives and what He takes. When He takes, it is only to give even more. Everything is His loving gift. Thank Him for His guidance and care.

3. Contrition: experience the sorrow that comes, not from seeing oneself as imperfect, but for having offended Christ, your friend. Contrition flows from love and out of love.

4. Joy: trusting in Christ’s healing power, we share in His joy, because He desires to heal us. We should gladly and confidently receive His healing.

5. Love: it is love, not fear, which drives us to the Divine Physician to pray, “Lord, I have offended you. I have loved little.” Let His Word pierce your soul, and let your heart walk in the Love that knows no end.

6. Wonder: admire His healing touch that makes us clean. Live the mystery of His wounds, which have healed you.

7. Amnesia: God suffers from forgetfulness. He does not remember our sins. His forgiveness is total and complete. Who are you to worry about something He no longer remembers? Forget your sins and remember only His mercy.

8. Praise: Be in awe of Him, who is so close and so mighty, yet He respects your freedom. He waits and does not push.

9. Friendship: Renew your friendship with Him, a friendship sealed through each confession, by your openness and His mercy. His blood mingles with yours to cleanse you and purify you.

10. Accept the Father’s Embrace: experience the embrace of the Father of Mercies. His unconditional love forgives all. This Father hugs you so tightly you can barely breathe. Resolve to love Him more and better, and not to offend this loving Father again.



About Fr William Serra LC

Father William was born in Madrid, Spain. He joined the Legion in 1992. After spending his first three years of formation in Salamanca, Spain, he then went to Rome to study philosophy. He did his internship in Cheshire, CT, as an Assistant to the Instructor of novices. After 4 years he went back to Rome to finish his second year of philosophy. He then finished is bachelors in Theology serving at the same time as secretary of the Center for Higher Studies. He was ordained in 2004, and served as territorial secretary for North America in 2004, becoming territorial secretary for the Atlanta territory until mid-2005. Since that time, he has been working in the Legionaries’ general directorate in Rome, assisting Fr Alvaro as his personal secretary. In March 2010 he was named Assistant to the Territorial Director of Atlanta for the area of the apostolate and in April 2011 took on the responsibility of Assistant to the Territorial Director of North America for the area of religious life.
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