Drawn Toward the Rising Sun

The earth is still,

Covered in a blanket

As black as coal.


When the eyes of all have just begun to believe

That the darkness will be eternal,

Small purple flowers

Begin to bloom in the eastern sky,

Their petals stretching across the horizon.


As time passes,

Their tips are kissed first by a dark maroon,

And then a fiery red and orange.

The dawn has come.


Soon the focal point

Becomes an increasingly bright point

In the center of the eastern horizon.

Something brilliant is struggling to be born

From the depths of the swirling colors.


Suddenly it breaks, spilling over the clouds,

Instantly flooding all,

And at once the dawn

Is overcome by the sun.


Yet the beautiful, humble dawn

Is not jealous,

And slowly fades,

So that the sun may shine all the brighter,

Filling all the earth and sky

With his awesome warmth and light.

What child precedes his parents; or what son can be born before his mother? Yet it is truly the sun which comes before the dawn, and in fact, creates its breathtaking display. The sun has no need of the dawn. But the sun asks for the dawn, and even pleads for it, because without it, the long darkened eye would be blinded by the dazzling light of the sun, if it sprang directly into the darkness of night without warning.

We also know of a Son who preceded his mother. In truth, he also had no need of her. Yet he chose to allow her to participate intimately in his incredible plan, in order to prepare all hearts and eyes clothed in darkness for the coming of the Son’s light. The love and touch of the mother, the dawn, is gentle and soothing, and fills the trembling heart with a desire and longing for the One who is even more perfect and beautiful than she. She draws us to the spot from which her Son will appear. And then, when he arrives in all his glory and splendor, she quietly bows out of the spotlight. Yet she is not forgotten. Oh, no; the eye remembers vividly her beauty, and the heart her gentle guidance. So when, in our darkness, she appears once more, we turn to her with awe, trust, and expectation, knowing that the dawn will never fail to lead us, and gentle lift our chins, so that our gaze may be directed and drawn toward the rising sun.


About Ashley Osmera

Ashley Osmera is a junior at Belmont Abbey College. She is the oldest of 5 children, and enjoys basketball, singing, piano, and photography.
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