Seeing the Face of Jesus

While preparing my Advent calendar this weekend, I had a small Epiphany.

Our Advent calendar has compartments in it where we can put little “presents” for our kids for each day of December. Along with the candy and gum and lip balm, I like to add quotes from the Bible, or thought-provoking statements of wisdom pertinent to the season.

This year I providentially found this wonderful list of 20 quotes from Pope Francis new apostolic exhortation, The Joy of the Gospel. It contains just the right amount of wisdom to help my family focus on the true meaning of the season.

But because there were only twenty quotes, I went searching on the Internet for some other statements from our pontiff to round out the full 24 days until Christmas. And I came across this little gem from Crisis Magazine — Pope Francis on the True Meaning of Poverty.

Interesting, the author includes a segment about the life of Blessed Theresa of Calcutta:

There was nothing “efficient” about her decision to care for some of the world’s most destitute people. During her lifetime, she was criticized for not being more politically-active with regard to poverty-alleviation. But her work wasn’t about politics. It was about something that dwarfs politics: the bringing of Christ’s love to those in whom Christ Himself told us we would see His face.

Therein came my Epiphany. I have always been fascinated by the blogs I edit for this website from RC members who go to Haiti (incidentally working alongside the sisters from Mother Theresa’s order.) Despite all the suffering they find there, our missionaries are deeply affected by their experiences and can’t wait to go back someday. Because in serving the poor, these missionaries encountered God Himself.

So next time I have the opportunity to give alms this season, I will remember the words from Pope Francis in that Crisis Magazine article.

…Francis posed two questions to his audience: “Tell me, when you give alms do you look into the eyes of the man or woman to whom you give alms? . . . And when you give alms, do you touch the hand of the one to whom you give alms, or do you toss the coin?”

Jesus, let me not miss seeing Your face in all those I serve this blessed Advent and Christmas season.


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Kelly Luttinen works as a public relations advisor for the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi. She is a wife and mother of four teens and lives in the metro-Detroit area.
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