Christmas in the recording studio

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EDITOR’S NOTE:  You might not think the world needs another Christmas CD, but if that is your opinion you have not heard the new recording by the Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi:  God With Us.  Jacquie Lustig gives us an insider’s view of how it happened…

It’s kind of fun to work in a studio.

Sure, it means late nights and lots of work. It probably also means having the sweet sound “Carol of the Bells” in your head continuously for all of October. The making of a music CD comes with its fair share of ups and downs.

But perhaps the greatest struggle in finishing a masterpiece is precisely that: finishing.

You wouldn’t think that giving the final “okay” on the Master CD would be so difficult. After hours of recording, re-recording, and editing each track, you’d imagine that the end date would look like a pretty attractive option.

Jill Swallow in the studio

However, I couldn’t help but feel a hint of nostalgia as Jill and I sat in the studio, listening to the Master copy before sending it to production. It wasn’t that I wasn’t excited to have it done: it’s always fun to hear the final product. But there was definitely that twinge of nostalgia: a twinge that brought me to reflect upon the project…and that eventually led me to jot down a few of these notes in between!

The idea was born one afternoon as Jill and I sat in our little living room, talking about nothing in particular. In the course of the conversation, looking at the piano, I made a somewhat off-hand remark. “Jill,” said I, “we really ought to make a Christmas CD”.

Without missing a beat, she looked at me incredulously. “For this Christmas!?!?”

We smiled. And the rest is history. In fact, recorded history.

Now that all is said and done, we all agree: It is crazy to think we could record a CD in under month.

And probably just as crazy that we tried it.  But the craziest thing of all is to think that it actually worked!

Christmas miracles still happen.

I’m sure it is a little bit of what those Magi first experienced chasing after the star of Bethlehem. Just like them, we knew that there was a possibility of actually arriving at our destination. But man, that doesn’t take away any of the thrill that came when we actually got there.

In a matter of days, we discovered a recording studio…and were stunned by the Hayes’ (Mike and Donna) generosity in committing wholeheartedly to the project.

The Cincinnati Consecrated Christmas CD Singers

Pianists appeared out of nowhere: not once, not twice…but three times.

Songs that should have taken three hours to record were finished in forty-five minutes.

And even now, with the CDs making their debut on the Cincinnati scene, we’ve had to put in more orders to keep up with the demand.

Take it from an insider’s perspective on the project: Christmas miracles still happen.

Maybe that’s why that hint of nostalgia rose in me the night we “finished” the project. Truth be told, perhaps there was something inside of me that wasn’t ready to “finish”: a part of me that sensed in this venture the providence of God in a way that was so, so tangible.

Because you know what? For some, it might seem like a stroke of good luck. For others, a perfectly planned project that came through successfully.

But for this little house of consecrated women, hidden here in Cincinnati, we know:

God sees what we need. All of us.

So whether it is showing his little consecrated hearts his faithfulness in a matter so seemingly small, or whether it is bringing our listeners closer to God through the gift of music, I can’t help but feel like our community Christmas project has turned out for the better.

Merry Christmas to all — From our piano to yours.


About Jacquie Lustig

Jacquie Lustig is a consecrated woman of Regnum Christi. She is from Idaho, and is part of the Ohio team based in Cincinnati.
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