My brother, my light

My brother is also my friend, in the sense that he has shown me what is truly important and what isn’t. In a world that adores all that is material and external appearances, I look at him and all else fades away. The successes, the failures don’t matter anymore. What matters are love, family, friends and eternal life.

My brother has lived with a mental illness for over 25 years, fully aware of his condition and his incapability of overcoming it. But he has accepted it and embraced this cross with dignity, great humility and simplicity. Though there are still so many things that call out to me daily to entice and tease my heart; I think of him, I call him and talk with him. Suddenly, loving others and eternity appear as the only glorious treasures which I want to embrace.



About Jill Preisack

Jill Preisack was born in St. Louis, Missouri and received a Bachelor of Science degree at Truman State University (formerly called Northeast Missouri State University). While working in business and mortgage services, she discovered her calling to the consecrated life in Regnum Christi. Jill has been consecrated for 20 years and since then she has completed a Master’s degree from the John Paul II Institute on Marriage and the Family in Rome and a bachelor’s degree in Education from Anahuac University in Mexico. She is currently finishing her degree in Pastoral Work and Religious Studies. Over the years, Jill has worked extensively with girls and young women, giving spiritual guidance, directing retreats, camps, conventions, missions and outreach activities. She arrives to Chicago from Atlanta where she worked in campus ministry at Holy Spirit Preparatory School for the past eight years, overseeing the faith and sacramental formation for students, teachers and parents. She is currently working at Mater Ecclesiae College in Greenville, RI
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