Love Suffers Evil

God’s love is his self-gift, awesome any way you look at it or receive it. But the most awesome manifestation of his love is his self-gift on the cross. Jesus, Son of God, exposes himself to the abomination of sin and the destructiveness of evil. The crucified Holy, Just and Righteous One allows injustice to slash its vicious tail into his flesh. Yet we can behold his bloody corpse as an object of beauty, because we believe in the end of the story. Christ LIVES! Christ triumphs over evil! Christ conquers with love.

How do I face evil when it rears its ugly head; be it physical or moral evil? Be it a stubbed toe, sorrow over the death of a loved one, falling into sin, or suffering daily limitations and imperfections. Does “love suffer evil” in my life?

Love suffers a stubbed toe as a simple offering to God. Love suffers the death of a loved one by letting the heart bleed, yet giving thanks for the love received from one’s dearly departed. Love suffers sin through sincere contrition and repentance. Love suffers personal limitations through humility and patience.

In the face of all evil, be assured, love never suffers alone. Love does not take away the pain, but walks by my side and lifts me up from within. Love endures all things.


About Jennifer Ristine

Jennifer is a consecrated woman and member of the Regnum Christi Movement. She is originally from Chicago, currently running the Magdalena Institute at Magdala, Israel. She has a Master of Arts in Theology, Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral and Religious Studies (in conjunction with Regina Apostolorum, Rome), and a Bachelors of Science in Special Education (Learning Disabled and ‎Behavior Disordered).
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    Thanks for the great blog post Jennifer!

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