Thank You, Margaret

Regular readers of Regnum Christi Live know that for the past two weeks this site has become, for the most part, Margaret Antonio Live.  Margaret (with help from her classmates and teachers) took us on a wonderful tour of World Youth Day and the pilgrimage to various holy sites nearby.

I have really enjoyed reading Margaret’s accounts, and the pictures and videos of young people celebrating with joy our Catholic faith.  And from the notes I have received, I know that their parents and friends also have enjoyed the virtual journey.

Margaret is 17, starting her senior year at Immaculate Conception Academy in Wakefield, Rhode Island.  This is a school where young women receive a superlative education while discerning whether they are called to consecrated life in Regnum Christi.  Regardless of what vocation the Holy Spirit calls them to, they are blessed to have a solid grounding as Catholics.

Given the condition of our culture, we need young people grounded in our faith.  There is so much bad news, so much fear and despair in the world.  But reading Margaret’s words give me great hope.

Margaret and her companions are home and her account of the pilgrimage is done.  But I know we’ll be hearing more from her on Regnum Christi Live.  And I suspect she’ll be communicating the love of Christ for the rest of her life.

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Jim Fair is a writer and consultant. He lives in the Chicago area and has a wonderful wife, son and daughter. He enjoys fishing and occasionally catches something. He tries to play the piano and sings a little. In addition to writing for Regnum Christi Live, he blogs at Laughing Catholic. And you can follow him on Twitter: Jim Fair (@fishfair).
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