Houston: oceans rise, prayers comfort

oceansSUNDAY:  “When oceans rise, my soul will rest in your embrace, for I am yours, and you are mine”

The rain continued throughout all last night, and so this morning, it became even more evident that flood levels are rising. For a while, our electricity went out, but somehow, thankfully, it came back on again before too long.

Realizing that we will probably be homebound until at least the weekend, two of the consecrated women in my community made the effort to see whether they could make it to a store for a few more groceries.

They weren’t even gone 10 minutes. There’s no way to get around or past the water.

But we are fine – right now – and will see what the next days and the intensifying storm brings.

It has been hard for us not being able to have mass the past two days. The priests can’t make it in, we can’t get out, and all of today’s Sunday masses have been cancelled.

A huge gift and consolation, though, has been having Jesus in the Eucharist here in our chapel. Not being able to have mass for the past two days, and wondering if we will be able to for another week, intensifies my hunger for Him. It has helped me to value even more the gift of the Mass and experience that the REAL nourishment that comes from the Eucharist.

His Presence is real- and in moments like this, when you feel you and others need Him most, it amazed me to experience the security His Eucharistic Presence brings me.

Today, we are having a special moment of community prayer: adoration in thanksgiving for the gift He is, since it is Sunday and won’t have mass again today. As well, believing in the power of prayer, we are having this intense intercessory moment for all those suffering around us.

Here is where the lyrics from Oceans come to my heart, “When oceans rise, my soul will rest in your embrace, because I am yours and you are mine.”


About Rachel Peach

Rachel Peach is based in Houston. She is from Ohio, and renewed her temporary promises of poverty, chastity, and obedience within Regnum Christi consecrated life on August 18, 2013.
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