The Kingdom of God

kingdomThis morning as I read the readings about how God won’t forget and how He will take care of our every need, I have to say I was tempted to doubt if that was true as I thought of the those starving in Africa and those Christians suffering in the Middle East. It isn’t easy to believe that He will take care of us. But then the last words of the Gospel for me help me to put it in perspective: “seek first the Kingdom of God… and all these things will be given to you besides.” We are to seek the Kingdom! The Kingdom must be so awesome to be worth giving up food, clothing, and anything else that we cherish so as to have it for eternity. This is the Kingdom that I want to be a part of and want us all to be a part of. Our life here is the time we have to seek above all the Kingdom of God.

About Fr Andrew Gronotte LC

Fr Andrew Gronotte, born and raised in northern Kentucky entered the Legionary apostolic school in eighth grade in 1998, where he began his formation for the priesthood in the Legion. Currently he is finishing his theological studies in Rome, where he will be ordained in a little more than a year.
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