Salt and Light

saltChrist tells us we are salt and light. As I was driving up to Detroit today there was a lot of salt on the road. This salt thawed the ice that was on the roads. We also are called to thaw the frozen hearts of humanity so that His grace can produce fruit in our lives. Salt also preserves meat, and we care called to preserve God’s presence and keep it fresh. Salt also enhances flavor, as we also are invited to enhance the lack of flavor the world has without God.

We are also light. Light enables us to see what is there. Through our life we make evident the presence of God in the world. Our faith expressed in our way of life is a witness to the presence of God in the world.

In a world immersed in the darkness of hatred, needs us to be witnesses to His love. And in a world rotting  by materialism, needs salt to protect God’s life in us.

About Fr Andrew Gronotte LC

Fr Andrew Gronotte, born and raised in northern Kentucky entered the Legionary apostolic school in eighth grade in 1998, where he began his formation for the priesthood in the Legion. Currently he is finishing his theological studies in Rome, where he will be ordained in a little more than a year.
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