“The Americans are coming! The Americans are coming!”


Love is like a suitcase of deodorant. (not pictured: the 87oz jar of Jif- it never stood a chance… the boxes of Emergen-C, and all the Ibuprofen- I guess we have no excuse not to study hard)

It was a moment that all of us had secretly been waiting for since August; the moment when the “American directors” came to Spain for their formation course in February. Oddly enough about half of them are not American- God bless the USA.

And God bless everyone who sent us marvelous treats!!! Thank you! The entire community is definitely loving them. If anyone ever tells you that only Americans eat peanut butter like it’s going out of style, they are either ignorant, in denial or lying. Our Latinas put a serious dent in that jar of PB. Even our German sister agreed that is goes great with celery.


Cookies with Joan! Now an accredited world famous activity. Just like old times….expect in degrees Celsius.

Don’t forget the chocolate chips and brown sugar!! “The Americans” are gaining a reputation around the Catholic circles of Madrid as being expert dessert makers. And it may be a well founded rumor.

The Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi live poverty, chastity and obedience with a spirit of service, humility and availability within the charismatic family of Regnum Christi. This was reinforced for me as I thought of the life I feel called to live and looked at


Reputation at stake??

these goodies and spent a bit of time with people I appreciate a lot. I am poor- I accept with deep gratitude the gifts from home and say “thanks be to God!”, and when I don’t have them: “thanks be to God” because He is my only treasure. With an increasingly chaste heart I greet and bid farewell to those who I know and have played an important role in my life. I embrace a filial obedience that helps me be available to go where He decides I need to go, beyond borders and barriers. And gradually, I grow in an attitude of humble service that uses all for the good of others, extending the Kingdom of God among temporal realities- yes, even using post-its, chocolate chips and Ibuprofen.  Thank you!!!!


And last but not least, be careful what you write about: A 3M© sponsored gold mine: Evidently people do read these blogs.

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Victoria is from Cincinnati, OH and studied for a BS in psychology at Northern Kentucky University for three years when she discovered that God was calling her to discern consecrated life in Regnum Christi. She is currently studying at Universidad Eclesiástica San Dámaso. Her favorite catholic bloggers are Simcha Fisher, Fr. Robert Barron and anyone on RC live.
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