Mission trip update – Days 2 & 3

marial3Everyone is doing so well, inside and out! It has been beautiful to witness how the mission team has come together and each one is finding their place. The building projects are coming along at fast speed, and the communion with the locals is very apparent. This is the third mission team from southern Ontario in 13 months, and the affinity is a huge grace!

We had a wonderful day, very unexpected and very blessed. All night it was pouring rain, and we woke up to a continued storm that didn’t look would be passing anytime soon. We had a cold breakfast and no electricity, but tried to keep up our spirits. After breakfast we had a Holy Hour, waiting for the rain to pass or for Our Lord to inspire us the plan for the day (and the week if it were to continue raining!). It cleared a bit around mid-morning and we went to the worksite, but as soon as we arrived it started pouring again!

Back to work!

We gathered in a “palapa” with the Dzib brothers and their families and had an hour or so of sharing and introductions to get to know each other better; the bonding was appreciated by everyone. Rain stopped again and we got to work, wanting to make the most of the time we had to work, which now we came to see as a gift.

Lunch break and back to work, until around 6:30 pm! When the day started we had no hopes of advancing in the project, but at the end we got to finish pouring the cement in the roof and almost finish the first coat of paint in a room! Mike Fidler left for a while to get some supplies and when he came back he commented that it sounded like the most lively and dedicated worksite.

At night during our sharing two ideas prevailed: the success of our work in very uncertain circumstances (everyone appreciated how the team came together and gave it all for the mission) and how deep experience of community and friendship arose.

It was truly a blessed day in which God’s love and power shone through our weakness!

About Marial Corona

Marial Corona is a Consecrated Woman in Regnum Christi. She is from Puebla, Mexico, where she attended a Regnum Christi school and fell in love with Christ during Holy Week missions when she was in 7th grade. She made her first vows in Monterrey, Mexico in 2004 and then moved to the US where she obtained her B.A. in Religious and Pastoral Sudies at Mater Ecclesiae College in Greenville, RI. After that she has served in Pilgrim Queen of the Family and as a teacher in the consecrated women’s formation center in Monterrey. Since she enjoys teaching, she studied a Master’s in Philosophy in Navarra Spain and obtained her degree in June 2013. Now she lives in the Chicago community of Consecrated Women where she serves in the Mission Youth national office.
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