Journey of the Eucharist, Day 1

group-of-magi-travelled-for-weeksWe finally arrived in the Philippines. We are in Manila, waiting for our flight to Cebu. We’ve been traveling a whole day towards the east. This is more or less what the Magi did, but in the opposite direction. Like them, our final destination is Jesus.  Like them, did we follow a star? Well, no, but we did see two different kinds of stars: Neymar and Messi! But seriously, like the Magi we also bring presents with us. First, lots of love for the Eucharist and the Church. Then, we bring many hours of preparation for the translations. And finally, we bring a good supply of Brazilian sweets, thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Lemos.

We started our day with a cold, quiet morning in Rome, attending Mass in our seminary. What a nice way to start our journey of the Eucharist, receiving Jesus in our hearts. Then, when we got to Rome’s airport we received another gift. The airport has a little chapel, which happens to be a jubilee of mercy church, so everyone who enters it receives a plenary indulgence. What a gift of God to start our trip on the right foot.

So this is the spirit of the Eucharistic Congress: to gather together as a Church to adore Jesus in the Eucharist, the greatest gift of all.

PS: As I finished this article, I received some very surprising news. My Mom had an accident, and was in the hospital. But God blessed us and now she is safe and doing well. This is another gift of God in our journey to the Eucharist.

About Br Antônio Lemos LC

Br Antônio Lemos is from Curitiba, Brazil. He joined the Legion of Christ in 2006 after a couple of years as a Regnum Christi member. He is a big fan of the Brazilian national soccer team, 1980´s pop culture (specially movies), and St Thomas Aquinas. He is currently studying Theology in Rome.
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