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Google itYou know you´re Catholic when you measure your month by your Magnificat.

Whenever I have to flip past the red section in the middle to get to the next day, I have this weird moment of suddenly realizing the month is halfway gone.

I have those moments in regards to my life, too, even in my short 23 years…of realizing how fast time has gone and how much I´ve changed. One happened recently when I routinely opened my email one morning, and among the daily news and practical organization of community life, an extremely exciting email took me by pleasant surprise: an announcement about the new websites for the consecrated women  and Legion of Christ vocations. As I clicked through the consecrated site from headline to headline, reading the articles under Meet the Consecrated: Our Spirituality, Our Mission, Our Community, and Our Consecration; and watching the videos under Discern Your Vocation: FAQ´s, Our Stories, and Our Formation Process; it brought me back to the moments when I did the same thing during high school from the Mac in my living room. I was reminded of the chord that was struck in my heart during those years, as I would read testimonies of the vocational journeys of RC consecrated women and vocation Q&A. Little did I realize what melody that chord was the prelude of.

I´m pretty sure a lot of us did that—Google our vocational questions. Hey, it is where we find the answers to the vast majority of questions we have…or didn´t know we had until our robotic friend answered it for us. It´s a world of information literally at our fingertips, and in this day and age, it´s our default. Then, how essentially important it is that it has answers to the questions that really matter.

Looking back, I thank God that I was accompanied closely enough throughout my discernment that, step by step, I graduated from Google to conversing directly with the One who is the Way to the Truth about my Life. My prayer is that many other women who have that same chord in their hearts have enough exposure to our life, profound and sincere information about it, solid accompaniment in their discernment, and prayerful support that those first steps lead them to turn to Him and to hear His voice. Hey, it got me here…

About Carol Dodd

Carol Dodd is a Consecrated Woman of Regnum Christi in her studies stage of formation. She is from Dallas, Texas, where she attended The Highlands, the Regnum Christi school there, for 11 years. After graduating, she was a Regnum Christi missionary in Chicago for one year. She made her first vows on March 14, 2015 after two years of candidacy at the formation center in Rhode Island. After three years at Mater Ecclesiae College, she is now part of the new studies stage community in Madrid, where she is studying Theology at the Universidad Eclesiástica San Dámaso.
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