Bananas and Hardboiled Eggs

bananas and hardboiled eggsWhen you ask me what I consider comfort food, bananas and hardboiled eggs isn´t what comes to mind… but I think that I´ve recently moved them into that category. The other morning I was surprised at how much nostalgia entered my memory as each bite of my breakfast entered my mouth. After a few minutes, I realized that hardboiled eggs have a certain nostalgia of Sunday breakfasts in Greenville, and that bananas were a staple donation for several months during my candidacy. Since I hadn´t had either of them very often since arriving in Spain, I suddenly made the click. I realized that something as simple as hardboiled eggs and bananas had made their way into my little comfort zone, sealed in with good memories and a feeling of home. As I started off to leave for class that morning, I thanked Our Lord for his little gift to make me smile.

Moments like that haven´t been uncommon since I moved to a new country. I don´t notice them every day, but neither do they surprise me when they happen. Missing something that used to make me feel at home pinches my heart a little and makes me feel outside of my comfort zone. Most of the time from day to day, I´ve been slowly adding to a new comfort zone, so I don´t notice that I´m outside of my old one. Other times, I feel that little pinch. Those moments have helped me realize that it´s true that I do want to be comfortable, and that little things can do wonders to make me feel at home, secure, and settled. But they´ve also helped me realize that I want so much more than that in my life. I want to be happy. I want to make my life something beautiful. I want to love. I want to let myself be loved by Love Itself. To say that what I want in life is to be comfortable is cutting it SO SHORT. After all, I´m following Someone who came to this earth as a homeless person and died of crucifixion. I don´t think the desire that impelled His life project was reduced to comfort, either…yet he was the happiest man who ever lived. Guess there´s something to that.

About Carol Dodd

Carol Dodd is a Consecrated Woman of Regnum Christi in her studies stage of formation. She is from Dallas, Texas, where she attended The Highlands, the Regnum Christi school there, for 11 years. After graduating, she was a Regnum Christi missionary in Chicago for one year. She made her first vows on March 14, 2015 after two years of candidacy at the formation center in Rhode Island. After three years at Mater Ecclesiae College, she is now part of the new studies stage community in Madrid, where she is studying Theology at the Universidad Eclesiástica San Dámaso.
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