The Truth about Women’s Health

One of the things I find most frustrating about our culture is the blindness regarding what is healthy for women. Turn on the news and you will see pink 10K fundraisers to end breast cancer, and red awareness days for heart health, and the myriad of discussions on healthy eating and lifestyle change. “Natural” is a buzz word.

Except when it comes to women’s reproductive health.

Put that word in front of “Family Planning” and everybody rolls their eyes and turns to the so-called experts who are pushing artificial birth control.

I remember when I was having my own issues with ovarian cysts; every doctor I saw wanted to treat this with, you guessed it, Artificial Birth Control Pills. I did some research, and I finally found a doctor who bothered to do his research, and could address the cause of my problems. (More on that later.)

The dangers of artificial birth control are documented fact. Just open the warning booklet that comes with any pill prescription, or listen to the fast-forwarded information they throw in after the happy, dancing images of young girls at the end of television ads for the Pill.

I watched an interview last night on EWTN Live with Fr. Mitch Pacwa. His guests were OBGYN Dr. Thomas Hilgers and his wife, who are representatives from the Paul VI Institute in Omaha, Nebraska. They are champions for NaPro Technology (Natural Procreative Technology.)

One of the startling statements made by Dr. Hilgers — who has an impressive resume of experience, by the way — is that whenever a young woman in her 20’s comes into the emergency room with an embolism or stroke (which actually happens more than you would think) she is usually on the birth control pill.

In the following YouTube interview with Dr. Hilgers, he makes an amazingly straightforward statement (considering that most doctors are quick to put 16-year-old girls on the pill for various reasons, including acne – I had one try to do this to my own daughter):

“If you ask yourself as an Obstetrician Gynecologist, would I want my wife to be on birth control pills, the answer is no. So if I wouldn’t put my wife on them, why would I put anybody else on them?”

Thank God for physicians like Dr. Hilgers, and the wonderful Michigan doctor I mentioned earlier, Dr. Daniel Greene. (Read the article about his presentation given last year at the Queen of the Family Retreat Center in Oxford, Michigan, here.)

He and Dr. Hilgers say one amazingly simple document written years ago and then basically ignored by almost everyone, Humanae Vitae, sent them on the path to truth.

Interestingly, do you know what response Dr. Hilgers got from the Chaplain at the Newman Club at his former university when he asked where he could read the document?

“What do you want to read that garbage for?”

God have mercy on us! Please Lord, call more physicians to research and learn the truth about women’s health, like Dr. Hilgers and Dr. Greene, as well as members of our own Church, and let those of us who know the truth shout it from the rooftops until somebody listens!



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Kelly Luttinen works as a public relations advisor for the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi. She is a wife and mother of four teens and lives in the metro-Detroit area.
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