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Originally from Canada, Kerrie, Paul and their 6 children now live in the northern suburbs of Atlanta. Kerrie studied Education, majoring in English literature and history at the University of Alberta, and now works in communications and leadership training for the Regnum Christi Movement. She is passionate about helping others to know the love of Christ and experience the joy of living their God-given mission. Reading is a fatal addiction for Kerrie, and her favorite books include Ralph Martin’s “The Fulfillment of All Desire” and Sigrid Undset's "Kristin Lavransdatter". Kerrie considers dark chocolate a sign of God’s love for her, and her favorite places are a nice white-sand beach with her family, and being in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

The day after Christmas

To all the moms… He saw it all. He didn’t miss a thing. Hours and days of planning and working and lovingly reflecting on how to welcome the Christ Child in your family… how to bring smiles to faces and … Continue reading

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Can a Christmas carol offend the Immaculata?

        The first time I heard the popular new carol “Mary, did you know?” sung by Cee Lo Green, I was struck by a sense of reverence at the depth of the mystery the song lays out. … Continue reading

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Meeting Mercy in Post-Election America

Many Catholics, including me, watched the election of Donald Trump with deep reservations about the character and past actions of the man, but with a prevailing relief about the pro-life, religious freedom platform he brings and the avoidance of something … Continue reading

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Crazy love

This summer we had the chance to take our 6 kids age 7-19 on the trip of a lifetime- a pilgrimage to Rome and a visit to Germany. Months of dreaming and planning culminated in a 9 hour plane ride.  … Continue reading

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Poverty, chastity and obedience… for me?

When Christ reaches into your life and your heart, it’s easy to understand the pull to follow him radically the way the first Christians did.  Living the gospel in the first years of the Church meant being counter-cultural, revolutionary. Ancient … Continue reading

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The summer of rage in the Year of Mercy

Summer 2k16 has shaken all of us in some way or another… the instability of politics, the violence of terrorist attacks, the arguments over the direction the church is going and so many other things have polarized our communities in … Continue reading

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Changing the world like David did

King David knew Mercy before mercy was cool. He longed for the healing love of a savior before Christ came to change our world forever. The psalms chronicle his repentance and desire for Merciful love in raw and human ways. … Continue reading

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Surviving Summer

A lot of moms I know (…that’s code for the fact that I’m talking about myself…) survive the May madness of end of school activities by focusing on a blissful vision of summer… Sleeping in, time to read, go for … Continue reading

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When we have no words

Lately, it seems this country has been saturated with confusion, anger and division.  We are a nation on edge, a people searching for meaning and security, and quick to blame each other for all of the problems we face or … Continue reading

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Meeting myself through Mercy

I love to have goals. And I love to have a plan to accomplish those goals, and even better, life-hacks to help me accomplish that plan more easily.  I’m not alone in this, hence the rise of the ‘listicle’ in … Continue reading

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