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About Br. Daniel Rolczynski, LC

Br. Daniel is from Minnesota and entered the Legion in 2005. He has been doing youth work in Pennsylvania and New York the past few years and this fall he will move to Rome to continue his studies for the priesthood.

On the Lenten Journey

We are in the third week of Lent. It is entirely possible that you feel like me- worried that I have already lost some time and that Easter will be here before I know it and that Lent will have … Continue reading

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Love my Church, the Church of Christ

On October 11 I was blessed with the opportunity to attend the Holy Father’s Mass for the opening of the Year of Faith, which he inaugurated on the 50th anniversary of the opening of the 2nd Vatican council. I was … Continue reading

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The State of the Legion’s Renewal

The Church has 20 centuries of experience. I have a quarter century of experience. When it comes to time-intensive, prayerful, and weighty projects, I would much prefer the Church’s leadership to my own. The Church with all her experience is … Continue reading

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