God’s Poetry

poetryI am not a poet nor a writer. I love a good poetic outflow when I hear one, but I have to be honest: I’m not the type to grab a poetry book and go sit out on a rock and pass the afternoon in the breeze. However, there is one poet I just can’t get enough of: the Lord. He is the most passionate, over-the-top, romantic poet of time and eternity who inscribes symphonic songs of burning love on the hearts of his beloved children. I love the way he touches us personally, tenderly, intimately with a creativity, passion, uniqueness and inexpressible… expressivity, that is nothing short of the greatest poetry. Wordsworth, Poe, Frost, Shakespeare don’t hold a candle to Him. He is a Father, whose irresistible love for his little ones leads him to every smallest detail of care. He is the passionate Lover, composing overflowing songs of love from the cross for his beloved. We are loved by God, and this love is not dry, bland, Platonic. It is powerful, passionate, real, human.

God speaks our language. He touches us in a way we will feel. He became a little child to be able to wrap his arms around us. He revealed to us his Sacred Heart which burns with a flaming human love: “Behold this Heart which has so loved men that it has spared nothing, even to exhausting and consuming Itself, in order to testify Its love.”

I wish I had a greater refinement to appreciate all poetry. I look up to those who do. But for those who find themselves in my boat that is, well, not quite there yet, may all of us at least learn to recognize those songs of love, those lullabies, those romantic poems that he whispers to our heart daily. He loves you so much and he expresses it every day in every way. We often just don’t have the sensitivity to perceive it. “I will lead you into the desert and I will speak to your heart!” (Hos 2:14). May our hearts grow in this spiritual sensitivity. Life is beautiful, exciting, adventurous, not because of what we do, but because we have a Lover that seeks to attract our hearts. May we hear! May we love! May we respond with our own song!

About Br Dain Scherber LC

Br Dain Scherber LC is a religious seminarian of the Legionaries of Christ. Born and raised on a dairy farm in central Minnesota, he attended the Legion’s high-school seminary in New Hampshire at the age of 13. He did his first two years of seminary in Dublin, Ireland before being transferred to Connecticut, where he continued his studies in the classical humanities for two years and worked as an assistant on the formation team for four years. He is currently studying philosophy at the Legion’s Center for Higher Studies in Rome.
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