Lead me blind







Do you still speak?

Where now that voice

That once did speak in tone

So quiet, yet

Consoling me

When I felt cold, alone?


When I had doubts,

I’d turn my gaze

To you, and you would fill

My soul with peace

To know you here,

To warm this soul from chill.


Now have you ceased

To speak to me?

Or have my ears been closed?

For I hear not

Those guiding words,

Which way of Truth exposed.


Too much? Too fast?

Too little? Slow?

Where? How can I now know,

If muted voice

Of guide unheard,

If you the way don’t show?


If I can’t see

The road ahead,

My Guide, then lead me blind!

That I still walk

My homeward trek,

At last my goal to find.

About Br Dain Scherber LC

Br Dain Scherber LC is a religious seminarian of the Legionaries of Christ. Born and raised on a dairy farm in central Minnesota, he attended the Legion’s high-school seminary in New Hampshire at the age of 13. He did his first two years of seminary in Dublin, Ireland before being transferred to Connecticut, where he continued his studies in the classical humanities for two years and worked as an assistant on the formation team for four years. He is currently studying philosophy at the Legion’s Center for Higher Studies in Rome.
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