The Marriage-Bed of the Cross

eyesAs consecrated women of Regnum Christi, we are spouses of the Crucified One. We are called to not only follow Him, but unite to Him, sharing in His passion, death and Resurrection. This Good Friday, I share this poem that came to me in prayer during a retreat… a glimpse into what this means in my own life, and why I would choose Him, not just in His glory, but especially in His weakest hour.

The Marriage-Bed of the Cross

By Lisa Small


I hear you knocking at the door of my heart I hope to open to the Good Shepherd, bearer of peace and security…

You knock again,

my heart races.

Delay no more and enter in!


My King! My Lord! Why?

Head hung low, scourged, stripped and bleeding, The crown of thorns digging deep into your skull, the blood slowly running down your face…


“Will you welcome me like this?”


You fall to your knees sorrowfully…

I can’t but do the same.

I reach out tentatively

to touch the bloody wounds on your head.

Your wounds; my wounds.

Your piercing eyes look up at me

Tears well in my own.


“Will you follow me?

Calvary has not yet arrived…

Come, my Beloved”


My heart quivers

I thought you would come in,

not lead me out.

But such deep eyes,

sorrowing eyes,

tender eyes,

seeking eyes,

thirsting eyes,

compelling eyes.


“Will you come with me to the Marriage-bed of the Cross?”


You now lift your hand to my aching head, my hidden thorns.

You smile

slowly running your stained hand down my face, tracing the lines of pain.


“I have come to bring life,

and life to the full…

Will you share my mission to bear fruit?”


The tears stream down my face

‘Lord, you know everything,

You know that I love you…

You know how deeply I yearn for union with you Intimacy with you.

So, I will go…

Lead me to the cross

But promise me that you will be with me when they strip me, nail me, scorn me, misunderstand me, spit at me, hurt me.


I need the certainty of your consoling love to forge the strength of my soul…

Give me your Sacred Heart,

and I will go.’


You smile.

My weak heart softens.

“Arise my Beloved – come.

See I make all things new.”


‘Lord, what do you want?’

You smile.

“Only one thing. I want you.”


And so

I leave the warmth and

security of my home,

to accompany my Spouse to the

Marriage-bed of the Cross.”


20 December 2015




About Lisa Small

Lisa Small is a consecrated woman of Regnum Christi from New Zealand. In 2001, she consecrated her life to Christ in Rhode Island, USA, and has preached, run retreats and formation programs, and taught in clubs, colleges and schools throughout the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Mexico. She received her Bachelor's degree in Education and Development and has a Masters degree in Christian Communication and another in Religious Sciences. She currently works as a Formation Director for the Regnum Christi Mission Corps program. She loves to speak and write about her vocation, the Church, prayer, and discernment and she is passionate about helping people to discover and live out their mission in life. Her favorite saints are St Francis Xavier, St Faustina, and Venerable Edel Quinn and she has a special love for the spiritual family of Regnum Christi.
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