Paris in the Spring? Almost…

mercyMinnesota is lovely in the spring. I know because I have gone there the last two years to participate in the Expos put on by Cana Family Institute. I am particularly excited about the theme for this year: A Mission of Mercy to the Family. I think it has something for us as Regnum Christi members. In our renewal process I think many of us have discovered the mystery and the ministry of mercy. Most of us have keenly felt our need for it. Now, we’re trying to show that mercy to others.

Saturday morning at the Expo is dedicated to the question of the psychology of mercy. Our very own IPS—now Divine Mercy University —will be offering the entire morning session which combines theory and workshop on empathy as the face of mercy.

Regnum Christi members, according to one of our newest brochures says we seek to know, love and imitate Our Lord Jesus Christ and to help others discover Christ’s friendship. What better portal than empathy as the heart of loving relationships?

A noted psychologist has cited studies to demonstrate that although most therapists believe they are reasonably empathic and have good listening skills patient assessment does not support their estimation. If this is true for someone highly trained to show empathy, how well do the rest of us do?

What is true empathy? How does one become more empathetic? I am eager to learn more!

Small group work is the buzz in Catholic ministry. Familia has been offering small group work from its inception. Young mothers and fathers find friendships that open them to a deeper discipleship. Come to the Expo in Minnesota April 8 and 9 and learn how Familia related to Cana Family Institute. Most importantly:  How can I bring Familia to my family & the families in my section?

It’s not Paris and you may not leave with more fashionable clothes, but you will have learned how to put on Christ!

About Maria Reinagel

Maria Reinagel is a Consecrated Woman of Regnum Christi with over 20 years’ experience in Catholic education. Presently, she is the Director of Training and Formation for Cana Family Institute and Familia supporting their mission to strengthen families.
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