Undercover nun?

What’s the difference between a police officer in uniform, and an undercover FBI agent? They may look different externally, but, both have the same mission of defending and protecting and both are well trained and work hard in order to do that. And we need both of them to do their jobs well.

This Year of Consecrated Life has meant many opportunities for me to share about my vocation to the Lay Consecrated Life within Regnum Christi. And one of the biggest questions I always get is “What’s the difference between you and a nun?” So, when I am answering kids, this explanation always seems to hit home. “Well, being lay consecrated is kind of like being an undercover nun. We have the same mission of defending and spreading the faith, and we are both well ‘trained’ and work hard to do it, but we look a little different. Because we don’t wear a visual sign of our consecration, we are like secret agents of the Lord, spreading His love in whatever way we can.” That usually elicits nods of understanding and approval from my young audience.

It also works with an older one. People are in dire need of Christ, and He wants to reach them in whatever way He can, and in whatever way they will see and accept Him. We need all forms of consecration – contemplative nuns, apostolic sisters, and lay consecrated women. We need each of the vocations, because each mirror Christ in some way, and bring Him to our world thirsting for God. In my particular mission, I feel I image Christ’s incarnation – His coming down from Heaven to be one with us, and to meet us where we are at, especially in times when we don’t even realize He is walking alongside us on the road to Emmaus. Let’s continue to pray for all our consecrated women (and men) in this year dedicated to understanding more their call and role in the Church and society.




About Lisa Small

Lisa Small is a consecrated woman of Regnum Christi from New Zealand. In 2001, she consecrated her life to Christ in Rhode Island, USA, and has preached, run retreats and formation programs, and taught in clubs, colleges and schools throughout the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Mexico. She received her Bachelor's degree in Education and Development and has a Masters degree in Christian Communication and another in Religious Sciences. She currently works as a Formation Director for the Regnum Christi Mission Corps program. She loves to speak and write about her vocation, the Church, prayer, and discernment and she is passionate about helping people to discover and live out their mission in life. Her favorite saints are St Francis Xavier, St Faustina, and Venerable Edel Quinn and she has a special love for the spiritual family of Regnum Christi.
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