“Let us rise and be on our way.”

These familiar words from the Gospel and borrowed by St. John Paul II are a sturdy platform for me to share a few reflections in this moment as we end the chapter of Mater Ecclesiae College.

My heart is full of immense gratitude for the innumerable lessons I have learned in these years from the dedicated women who have been part of MEC. I have had the blessing to work with and serve countless consecrated women over these years; I’ve seen so many hearts searching to be configured to His, so many lives seeking to dethrone selfishness; placing there a surrender to allow Christ to reign in their hearts.

God’s will is for us to rise up and reflect on a new vocational reality for the consecrated women of Regnum Christi, one that fits the times and meets the needs of the women that who are feelingfeel the impetus to follow Christ in a lifestyle of total dedication in the Evangelical Counsels. I no doubt, as Christ has guided us before; He will lead us along this new path –; with the same dispositions of seeking to be transformed more and more into Him as the ultimate goal.

Personally, I’ve had the grace and the privilege to guide, educate and form consecrated souls; the MEC professors, spiritual guides and staff know, this is an encounter with Christ and we will cherish so many immeasurable “supernatural” moments in our my hearts.

MEC has taught us to love better by knowing Christ more deeply. And then to love others, sharing with them the greatest treasure we’ve found: the One we have staked our lives on and with this, whether they reciprocate that love or not, He is our reward. We are called simply to sow.

I’ve seen the sleepless nights filled with college reports and,, audits, as companions gave all they had to offer so many a college degree. Their service and surrender is an unwritten testimony of love to me.

I’m grateful beyond words for these years; for these lessons and the countless unwritten ones. My heart overflows with gratitude and awe at the gifts God has given me through MEC.

Lastly, over these years I’ve come to know what I really desire-Him to bring souls to know and love Him.

I pray for you to unite with me in the Benedictus of St. Agnes. A, treatise of recognizing we are all pilgrims. This sums up what we ultimately seek, may this be engraved on the souls of those totally consecrated Him.

“what I longed for I see,

what I hoped for I now possess;

in heaven I am espoused to Him on earth

I longed for with all my heart.”



About Deb Bauer

Deb Bauer is a former President of Mater Ecclesiae College in Greenville, Rhode Island. She has a doctorate in education, and an unapologetic devotion to the Green Bay Packers. Hailing from Durand, Wisconsin, Deb has been a consecrated woman for 15 years and currently works in Atlanta.
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One Response to “Let us rise and be on our way.”

  1. Nicole Leblanc (delyon) says:

    Beautiful, Deb. This is sad news. Thank you for all your sleepless nights. I’m so glad I was a part of it.

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